Brazilian Embroidery – Brazilian Embroidery

I am very interested in this subject and what I learned about Brazilian embroidery, I’ll share it on my blog my attempt.

In fact, this is much different from embroidery known for embroidery techniques, there is not a part of Brazilian culture and also the arts. Why Brazilian Embroidery been called?
Widely used to flush yarn (rayon), to be used in Brazil for the first time in this country and have caused this name to be given to be produced this embroidery technique.
The most important feature of Brazilian embroidery three-dimensional embroidery (embroidery, three-dimensional in total). The boundaries have to adhere to a certain technique or a model is drawn it doesn’t. By using the models and techniques it is possible to use an unlimited imagination. Of the models made just filled, it’s important that you take fluffy forms. Of course, there are techniques that have been Brazilian embroidery goods. It is important to use these techniques blends with other embroidery techniques.

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