I bought it from Mohamed Omar on Instagram I followed this recipe with pleasure.Ratatouille,a meal was the garnish they serve with the beef, the French especially so.The property was consumed nutritional values when cooked more before they die.The construction is very easy.Prepare, put it in the oven,while preparing your meal the way you cooked the meat to himself.Put some pepper on the shredded cheese sprinkled in it as different from the original recipe.


*2-3 large tomatoes
*3 garlic cloves
*1 large zucchini
*1 large eggplant
*2 Red Chillies
*Over the shredded cheese(optional)


1)tomatoes 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and the garlic in a pot with the addition of the grating and we’re cooking until the water evaporates.After it is cooked, heat-resistant, we’re getting an oven dish.
2)the zucchini,eggplant and peppers we can slice it finely.(the eggplant mottled robbed,also I scraped the pumpkins with a serrated knife) in a bowl, oil,salt and pepper we are combining with.We’re laying them on mortar and properly sequenced tomato.The most recent a little more oil and a little sprinkle of Mint, we’re showing we’re on.

3)closed with aluminium foil on it for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees and we’re baking.We’re baking until golden brown and then take the foil.(without getting out of the oven sprinkled with a little shredded cheese 5 minutes ago)

Bon Appetit:)

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