“rain of 2-year-old” our party – ..

Rain 2 years old now…. My daughter is 2. we celebrated her birthday again with our loved ones. In this article I share the photos of this beautiful day. We did the party at a cafe near our home, kids we have about 60 people. Party menu homemade. Below you can see our salty buffet.

Most of the ones from the blog in the menu you will remember. When creating the menu balanced, hearty and tasty recipes to choose I tried.

It is one of the favorite flavors cheese and red pepper roll

You will find a link to the recipe.

One of the new recipes for the blog, tahini eggplant salad.

With a crust of delicious favourites list granola bar

Cheese, olive and cumin tiny muffins

My sister Münevver hand turn the dough spinach pie

My daughter’s grandmother from the hands of the pork spring rolls (baked) recipe for and dumplings my recipe for egg rolls and for stuffing Sariyer my pie stuffing recipe you can use it.

With a different flavor leek patties

Lately, more often than I did batirik patties

From my mother’s hands stuffed zucchini blossoms

Again, our grandmother made leaf roll

Old but new at the first opportunity to be added to the blog is one of the recipes chicken salad

My daughter from her aunt’s hand raisin cookies

Our great-aunt prepared by prowess tiny sandwiches with cheese

Klasiklessin special to me and I want my daughter’s party Ladybird sofas

Our great aunt on his stick muhammara with walnuts and dried cheese canapes

Again, the trick is to stick on a different view what your aunt did hot dogs puff pastry pies

This salt and water on top of the cake buffet for dessert, I kept it light.

View mint in pots:) chocolate surprise. (I think I ate most of them myself:)

In particular I chose is spacious with a taste lemon barsalso this time I made the dough a little bit thicker on it.

My selencig cinnamon, hazelnut cookies

Again, I want our party ozdeslessin, strawberries

And, of course, amazing the cake Yaso in the finals, by the way, with the strains, the taste was great, the top of the cake, of course, rain. Happy birthday girl…

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