Quince marmalade

Quince marmalade

Quince marmalade


1000 gr. quince
500 gr. sugar
4-5 cloves
5-6 quince seeds
1 glass of water


Let’s extract the kernels of quince. Let’s cut into cubes and put them in a pressure cooker. Let’s add the water, sugar and cloves, quince seeds, close the lid of the pressure cooker and put it on the fire. Let’s cook the lid of the whistle after cooking for 25-30 minutes. Let’s first extract cloves and quince seeds. Then let’s mash the quinces with a hand blender. and put them in hot jars and close their mouths. Let’s enjoy with our breakfasts.

Healing of quince marmalade;

1. It is useful against colds.
2. Increases body resistance.
3. It is very good for mothers who give milk.
4. It is beneficial for stomach and intestinal diseases.

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