pumpkin yogurt salad #recipes

Pumpkin salad recently I’ll write the full details of the invitation an invitation from the table and take note of the most frequently asked instagram sharing my recipe it had been the flavor, I’ll add here to my blog today. If you are looking for a different recipe in the upcoming New Year’s table in your face.

When I’ll entertain my guests in the house, like all of us, and I’m thinking of the first menu to be different, whether you are compatible with each other, the occurrence of the material I’m trying to. When you think like that again, our group meetings are consumed with salads always love yogurt and make a salad with yogurt, but we always do the carrot, zucchini, eggplant, and beet salad with pumpkin yogurt salad came to mind when you say you get different from. I didn’t want to boil the pumpkin mash, in fact, so this salad can be made, have a taste of yogurt in it, let the pumpkin come on, before the palate is sour and salty as a light dessert after we’d like to chop large cubes, I cooked like a roast in the oven like I’m doing. and I think it succeeded because it is very popular, they became frequent at our house.

Before I describe a few tricks for the record, quite a practical flavor, but as with everything there are Points little attention; do not chop the pumpkins are very small, can be lost during mixing crushed a salad I recommend your services to get together as close as possible, because that will pull up the already high humidity of the solid real pumpkin yogurt together they can become more and more stiff, but if you experience this situation, don’t worry will give both consistency and flavor in a little olive oil.

Let’s our recipe;


– 1 kg yogurt

– 2-3 garlic cloves

– Salt, pepper

– Olive oil

– 1 tablespoon raw pumpkin seeds


We’re cutting the pumpkin into cubes, smaller than the head of Big Bird as a measure to consider from the membrane, salt, pepper and blend with olive oil, wax on paper firinliyor we are at 220 degrees. Roast the pumpkin the consistency of this process it will be. We prepare a mixture of cold cooked pumpkin yogurt. Mix yogurt with garlic and salt. Pumpkins we are adding yogurt to the mixture. Pumpkins and mix it with a bit of caution here is that you need to try not to dent dispersal. Finally, sprinkle on the pumpkin seeds, pour a little olive oil and garnish with dill leaves served as we’re doing it. Bon Appetit

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