poppy seed scones with strawberry jam #recipes

Like a yummy poppy seed muffin poppy seed strawberry jam sponge

Cupcake poppy seed roll


. two eggs

. 2 cups warm milk

. 1 cup sunflower oil

. one yeast

. baking powder.

. a teaspoon of cinnamon

. half cup granulated sugar

. a pinch of salt

. 2 tablespoons starch

. slowly add in flour.

ingredients for stuffing

. I used strawberry jam and Popping ready


first, we extend our yeast in warm milk and powdered sugar melting in our eggs into the sunflower oil melt the sugar we provide to our clerk, our dough kneading dough and other materials to the clerk to drink it very slowly to make a soft dough, soft dough, it should be our cover and ferment the dough for about half an hour since we let our two skills we’re opening our poppy rectangular gland is removed it takes a long time to roll over and we’re doing our dough on the tray and evenly cut with a knife and strawberry jam and roll we’re opening our other listing and my track we are the same way we do in our listing we are cut evenly on the tray and preheat the oven to 180 degrees and baking pies with powdered sugar if you want to you know we on our cool splash A very nice sponge like yummy Bon Appetit

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