Poppy Seed Baklava #recipes

When you go from Eskişehir to Antalya for the first time 8-9 years old, he saw in the fields in the vicinity of Afyonkarahisar. Even my dad ha d hm poppies. My dad, a bit to the poppy fields girip-eating sheep H L nas told me that they were drunk.
Anatolian culture, especially in Afyon, Konya, Isparta, Eskişehir Turkey are a gift or special meetings of the region when guests have come Poppy Day, poppy seed cake box on top of the tray is provided with an Angle.. ha H ha H D R you also put entries in there are a lot of seeders… K entry L H □ H H H LM in the middle of the villages of imece K B R D F D procedures d do H H H ha H ha H H H L H T t if consciousness necessarily chimneys on them D L D yordur make bread. Ekmekev called the House of k □ of □ of □ k b d yuvarlanm die in □ of □ the bread dough □ L H H H ha ha the scent of spring disking entry public entry will be collected in Herald House na…
L H H ha H H ha hi n d Life d well…when you have eaten baklava?..
Where Room □ of □ D D K D KT n zmas.. don’t say Pakistan Textile Mills of anchovy and D T Il D O mounting posts like this but…I recommend you try it if you haven’t eaten.M □ excellent flavor……
Bookmark is one of my mother’s best loved recipes collected.I wanted to share with you mak collected.Do D L □ of □ of □ of believe that is a bit troublesome, but D N H er.

1 D S D T D current month in the bar
1 D D D D D V s current month or in the bar
Urt entry entry entry No 1 bar in the current month
At the bar 1 current month □ of □ the water
1 egg
1 package baking powder
and flour until able to take D I

Entry Yar D S D M D Mak a pulp Asta Z H D M I ni weight have need me

D D D I I s:
1 B D K D y kavrulmu bowl □ of □ H ha H ha H ekilmi of desire g h re 1 cup walnuts.

zeri i d s entry:
D D D D D or v s 1 water at the bar

syrup the entry:
3 water at the bar □ of □ of □ of eker
3 water at the bar □ of □ the water
D M yar lemon juice

Do D L □ of □ of □ of:
N D profit T H B materials □ of □ of a D using T H R earlobe soft, □ aql □ of □ of □ is obtained in a dough of 10 nodes divided into L h r h. Asta ni d h l d h r each meringue with me quite as thin. H ha ha d and sprinkled with walnuts on entry and a thin roll L D D r(D K and D remove this entry from the entries collected newspapers laid on Lem U L D D R D D SM mounting is easier to do it using RSA.)From the data collected on the tray amidst the ba □ d re D in a branch of Sar collected using Kolb is filled into the tray I like. k d zd d Z s M H H H H H thoroughly on entry rd v K D P F R D L D D D D D D or na is given. Tatl H N H N H S H N D D D umas so wait for D L D R D D K High on the right and erbet.

N D D D umas wait a little more so (of course, this is G-d snow D D D s zelli entry you’re willing to wait) you can look collected na tad…enjoy your meal.

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