PLEATED PIE #recipes

This Pate ‘Daisy, I saw Sarge and I loved it.It’s tastes as great as it looks.The filling I made potato hash.Bowl to cut circles with the help of a pastry dough pieces remained. I made a pie from the top to the bottom with them in a small pan.In this way you can also evaluate the remaining parts.I want to thank the blog owner for the recipe.


To drive into pastry:

*1 egg

* ½ Cup milk

* ½ Cup vegetable oil

You can prepare these pastries with pastry at least 2 from the above sauce ingredients.You can adjust the ingredients according to the number of dough that you will use.



*Filling of your choice

Pies to sew:



1)we are preparing pie filling.

2)Milk ,oil and egg in a bowl, thoroughly are unbeaten.

3)Take a bowl and fold the pastry over and round we’re releasing it in two with the help of.

4)we apply this process to roll out all the dough.Take a round piece,the second piece of syrup prepared with the help of a brush from we put them on top of our fees.We put the material inside the middle.

5)D-shaped and one end closed,starting from tacking takes looked as we combine with toothpicks.

6)we lay, We put wax paper on baking sheet upright.Sauce with oil in preheated oven at 180 degrees by driving to the top we’re baking a bit.

Bon Appetit:)

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