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Pesto sauce, have my kitchen without missing a flavor, despite appearing on many of my recipe so far on the blog take his place . Last week I bought basil pesto making, decorating, and I took a picture I decided to add it to the blog public. Though the color of the basil was so beautiful in the evening light, although you don’t have to strain too much when he caught a vivid color.

Also this sauce pesto sauce in our kitchen if it was, more precisely, basil pesto, Italian pesto, which means to crush, because the word “pictures” is derived from the verb, and the other is used for crushing. From arugula, mixed aromatic herbs and sun dried tomatoes (I’ll add a recipe soon) made are also common. And more to fulfill in order to obtain the actual delicious sauce, the ingredients with a pestle if you have what I did, usually I prefer Rondo as much material using the amount.

I meet with pesto sauce hatsum’s (my sister) to the city of Genoa in Italy it was thanks to his business in the kitchen, curious, I asked what the Italian said to a friend who knows immediately when there “Basil said,” is also an interesting analogy made for this sauce.

Basil pesto is synonymous with Genoa and other Italian cities Genoa in indicating that it belonged to are sold. Almost standard of contents, basil, nuts, garlic, olive oil and cheese. In some recipes, adding in walnuts, parmesan cheese instead of pecorino cheese with intense flavour with again are preferred, but the essence consists of crushed basil.

This sauce, pasta, all kinds on the couch, pizza at the base, above all of the recipes that you prepared the bread of the sandwich, French toast, and you can use it in salad dressings that you think would look good. A lot of pasta in our house, on bread and toast and as here is the case with the recipe I use it for. The most practical app on my page soon I’ll add it to my pasta.

If you need to be careful when preparing the recipe, the zinnias after washing, thoroughly dry, water in the sauce doesn’t have our roasting the pine nuts and grate fresh Parmesan cheese (ready-grated Parmesan and a good olive oil. Let’s our recipe;


– 4 bunch basil (stems until 300 gr of basil leaves extracted)
– 60 g pine nuts
– 200 g grated Parmesan cheese
– 1.5 cups olive oil
– 6-7 garlic external
– 1 teaspoon salt


Wash the basil leaves and we’re taking our water. Our the pine nuts over low heat without oil, stirring lightly burn impossible color and we’ll make sure they get to take out of the pan and leave to cool. We hit them with our garlic, the salt in the mortar. On top of Rondo or garlic to the mortar, add basil leaves and pine nuts, or we’re mixing we hit them until they’re crushed. Then by adding a few pieces of our olive oil, we continue the crushing process. Finally, we add the Parmesan cheese and our sauce consistency (it should be the consistency of a soft paste) we’re checking. If needed, we can do the addition of olive oil and salt. You can store it in the fridge to store our jar and let it cook. You can keep up to 2 weeks without heat exposure. Of course, if you’d finished in a long time. Bon Appetit…

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