Permanent Solution to Hair Fractures and Fast Hair Extension Tips :)

Gold and the rule you should never forget: Eating right is the intake of nutrients from the hair. First of all, you should go to your doctor and check if you have vitamin or iron deficiency with a simple blood test.

Vitamin and mineral supplements:
I have iron deficiency due to anemia, periodically, but I do not have any problems because I pay attention, especially since seasonal hair loss is intense, I apply vitamin mineral supplements like everyone else. Their miracle you also an article will tell Viviscal no private tablets TR hair but amazon available freely from place etc. When I break the edebilirsiniz.o your insurer also will meet zinc tablets behalf you use it for a long time loss as a cure problems yaşamazsınız.çinko you an alternative should call Solgar Biotin supplementation also performs the same task (also written) price 20TL

Regular haircut:
If you want to grow your hair healthy, you must have a regular shortcut! The hair, which is very long but thin to the ends, has no aesthetic side, and its feather-like appearance seems only repulsive, my hair strikes the empty tribune in the empty space. No need to negotiate tight with your hairdresser every month, if not, make sure the parts examine your small little clean you hair from an end two months faster stretched my secret hope this 🙂 Even hot scissors If you find apps that have a center who miss the hair you will be guaranteed for a long time.

Homemade and ready-made hair masks:
There are many recipes for hair growth, such as this one. Next week, I will be sharing various hair masks with you. For the most practical extension you can make at home, you should definitely do your hair once a week according to your hair type with a mixture of cassia cure, olive oil and care oils, etc. It is also the trick to apply without breaking it. Also, you should listen to the words of a scientist (Chicscience) Please stay away from the eggs in homemade masks.

Professional products:
These practical and time-saving products that should always be present at home give an answer to everyone’s problems in terms of diversity.If you ask me, it is more logical to have one or two professional hair care products that you will have five medium-decision products. The total of the products you buy exceeds the total of these products.If you do not get a result, it does not go beyond tiring you, both financially and morally, while looking for the product that suits your hair and hair. , Matrix and Tigi. I regularly shop for these brands at affordable prices .

Do not break your hair while combing:
One of the most important details is the comb! Large gear that scanned without breaking your hair or even a wooden comb edinmelisiniz.hat at The Body Shop wooden wide-toothed comb very comfortable bulabilirsiniz.y also be oynuz from handmade If you say verbatim mucize.biraz more can you allocate for the rendered boxwood combs hair if; Braun ion combs are amazing I don’t want to remember before them 🙂 The last tip is: Not combing hair when wet! Or if you think this is my habit, using a protective hair serum.
Feeding down under argan serum, pure argan oil or home-made oil mixture into your hair ends will help protect with gentle combing.

Minimizing chemical and heat treatments:

If your hair is not excessively white, you don’t have to dye it or you don’t have to torture your hair everyday with a tong and straightener! Yes, you are right, but you have a lot of ways of doing this. We have told you to make a lot of simple and elegant hairstyles specially for you. Be sure to delay the time a little with the most protective products.

Washing and drying hair problem:
sheet fracturesMy dear Kermy, this is an important detail; Don’t do everything you hear! It is only ignorance not to dry the hair! Have you heard of hair flu? In order not to live and not to cause sinizute and others, you should definitely get excess water without giving your hair a very high temperature for a couple of minutes. I just take the uncomfortable wetness in the bottoms for a minute or two and then throw it back and forth to dry it on its own. In addition, if your hair is possible in summer, if it is cold in winter, wash with warm water, so hot water is an enemy for our skin and hair!

Finally, the only secret of this is loving your hair 🙂


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