Brownies is one of my favorite desserts, I’d say it competes with the love of the cheesecake, but really good, which is as it should be browniden I’m talking about. I did try the brownie recipe for a long time 4 years ago and is, according to me it should be the consistency I got. I have the perfect brownies to share after my yazmislig even earlier. Perfect brownie should be like if you say a thin but tough layer underneath the upper surface moist, soft, and dense chocolate I’d say. Also you shouldn’t faint with sweetness and a couple of slices so we can eat:) we can skip the second part for this last requirement.

Let’s taste this’s how you catch; we will be sure to use a good chocolate, and the result we will comply with the construction phase….

A heart-shaped pattern you see in the first photo with the brownie, made with 1.5 times by increasing the size in the photo below and I’ll get brownie drizzled with white chocolate shavings and cooked in the tray you can see from. Also you can see the Little Hands who helped me study the patterns in the heart. This photo over considerable time past, and the rains grew up…(the reason of this situation, started a long time ago to write the recipe, but because I’m not able to finish it and publish it as a draft, left)

350 g dark chocolate

– 175 g butter

– 3 eggs

– 100 gr flour

– 20 g cocoa

– 100 ml cream

– 175 GR granulated sugar

– A pinch of salt

– Pinch of baking soda


We chopped the butter into cubes and chocolate into small pieces and melt over a double boiler by installing our intrusion. we’re Melt the chocolate and adding cream to make the butter mix thoroughly confused over. In a separate bowl the eggs and sugar are unbeaten and thoroughly ilimis our chocolate, we are adding the butter and cream. finally, we’re mixed up in a bowl the flour, cocoa, salt and baking soda to the mixture with a spatula at a time, also them few, grease, and unladig we poured our pattern, if we want it into or onto, white chocolate, walnuts or hazelnuts we can add. Previously heard, and 170 ° C for 30 minutes in the oven we’re baking at. During cooking, the brownie will be a little frizzled and thin, will consist of a hard shell. Expects to be after taking out of the oven, and then sliced it through we serve. Bon Appetit…

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