Pepperoni pizza with onions and olives – ..

Pepperoni Pizza With Onions And Olives

Pepperoni Pizza With Onions And Olives

a pound of flour
half cup sunflower oil
a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
one yeast 40 grams of
materials for the mortar until it receives warm water

Black olives ,pickled peppers , onion

ingredients for the sauce 200 grams tomato puree half a cup of water
half cup sunflower oil
thyme , mint
2 cloves garlic
spoon pepper paste
100 grams raw cream topping our pizza
cheddar cheese
our pizza preparation first, melt the yeast in a small bowl add water and other liquid on our little we then our oil, Our Salt, our sugar, we put all of our reputation.
We are a molder clerk took over and slowly the water.
We cover the dough to rest and we’ll leave.
About half an hour .

We’re getting our slice of pepper seeds in the mortar preparation. We’re splitting four ways we’re getting our olive core .
We slice our onions thin

We prepare our garlic cream sauce or oil and spices in our sauce we beat our clerk raw water
We’re getting our cloth paper tray oven dough after our arrival we Three we’re taking our dough we open our hands smoothed over with sunflower oil.
We’re spreading our pizza sauce and evenly pour for 3 .
We are serpistiriyo a handful of cheddar. We are on our serpistiriyo olives slut we give each other bulbs .
We’re spreading it all over evenly .
Again we are serpistiriyo and cheddar, and we’re baking in the oven to 180 degrees. Peppers onions spinach olives on a tray I made with the Bon Appetit platter 2 bacon sausage salami on a pizza I made that you want according to your desire you can make

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