Pektinli Damson Plum Jelly (Reduced Sugar Marmalade And Plum) #recipes

My son is very fond of sweets. Especially, loves to eat honey and jam in the morning. Also, to get more healthy this year, I’m making jam and reduced the sugar. In the last days, I made strawberry jam reduced sugar pectin and the recipes published for this purpose I had pektinli. This time, again, reduced the amount of sugar with apple pectin damson plum jam, I’ll share it with you my readers. Damson plum jam is one of my favorite jams. Distinct taste, beautiful color separate. Pectin if you’re wondering how I did it you can click here.


*500 g damson plum beans removed, divided

1/4 cup (quarter cup) water

65 ML (about a quarter cup) pectin

120 ml (1/2 cup, I mean half a cup) granulated sugar

Lemon juice quarter

*For testing purposes, I’ve used less of the material. If you use 1 kg damson plum, 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and half cup of pectin you can use.


1. Wash the damson plums. Divide in half and remove the seeds. Take a pot of water and add the cleaned plums in it.

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