Peach Cookies #recipes

He wanted me to do the cookies for my nephew Omar for a long time, finally I was able to do it today. Umar was obvious in the satisfaction of your eyes while eating cookies.


For the dough:

125 gr. butter,

2 tablespoons yogurt

half cups sugar

1 egg,

baking powder.,

half the vanilla extract

as much as it takes flour.

To Make Pudding:

125 g butter,

half litre of milk,

half cups sugar

1 egg,

1 package vanilla

1 cup flour,

External decorations:

half teaspoon red food coloring,

half a teaspoon of yellow food coloring,

granulated sugar,

Yesil any leaves.


Fragmentation cleansed from half walnut shells.


All the ingredients for the dough mixed and kneaded, walnut pieces and half a coconut is coated on the outer faces of taken. Walnut shells is in the empty parts of the tray line up and put it in the oven. Cook until the dough is brown, warm walnut shells are separated.

The custard ingredients (except butter) and cook the mix, with hand mixer until the butter is added while flapping lukewarm.

Walnut shell-shaped cookies filled with whole grains and two to be combined in a pudding.

The cookies prepared in separate containers and then dipped into melted food coloring in the water s of the paint is adsorbed onto more paper towels, and then immersed in powdered sugar. Thus, leaf that looked like a peach dipped in a little fresh on them on a service plate of cookies and Yesil are arranged.

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