Pastry Work We’ve Done..! #recipes

Today we came together and we made cake with sugar paste with Nurten dear. How long I couldn’t find a reason to make a cake, thanks Nurten, it was a godsend. Tomorrow they’re going to hold a farewell party with his friends and teacher friends, they wanted him a cake. Also this opportunity, on this occasion, but I jumped I might have to eat me so we could come in immediately. The output of to occur an impromptu cake, of course cake to cut us a story, go to the second floor. Here’s our cake… it went something like this dear Nurten you can see other pictures on the site of making. 😉

My usual sponge cake recipe of our cake. They were preparing sponge cake in the downstairs alone, as we have added strawberry syrup with the taste and fragrance. For the cream 200 gr. 200 whipped cream and dark chocolate together erittik, and cirptik soguttuk in the closet. Dr. Oetker chocolate with the cream and other recipes we have prepared the icing on the cake Combine according to cirptik and again. Soak the banana and milk enriched with chocolate drops Dec solid. Out and cover it with a whipped cream in the fridge for 1 hour we waited. The bottom floor of our cake then pink, with the upper floors covered in sugar paste colours we have Yesil, decorations to prepare, we removed the closet.

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