Pastry Stamped With Potato Salad… #recipes

I love potato salad. Worthy of what you put in every time, so can’t do a recipe the other one does not. Last time(Aisha and the future of Selda day), again without having to worry about what I’m going to put into I put the potatoes on the stove. But in January I didn’t think I’d forget. Remember, too, that “UH-OH”S and “oops”s to the accompaniment I threw myself to the narrow kitchen. Of course, what’s done is done, they’re perfectly capable of wearing a look that is natural mashed potatoes. I put my mind to it, or potato salad would be a cure at that moment came to mind. Here’s my recipe of choice:

Fresh potatoes as requested
Canned corn
Fresh onion
Pickled cucumbers
Lemon juice
Fresh mint leaves
Over the mayonnaise, parsley
The pastry dough to a bowl, small glass or heat resistant bowls

I didn’t give the amount of material, liking, wanting wants to can prepare the way. Peeled potatoes, crushed with the help of a fork while it’s hot or overwhelming. Add the butter, I put 2 teaspoons). Thoroughly blend together, are supposed to cool down. The Greens are finely chopped, chopped tiny pickles, spices and other ingredients are added in the desired amount. Let the mixture stand in a refrigerator.
Is heated to 180 degrees oven. Heat-resistant small glass bowl outer and rear parts are lubricated. Each bowl is dressed in Napoleons. The excess is cut with a rotary knife edge. Is cooked warmed in the oven without touching a thing on it. Are expected to cool down after it is cooked, and carefully separated from the bowl. In a bowl put the potato mixture on each puff pastry. Bag filled with mayonnaise on a crimping tightened. Decorated with parsley leaves. The taste of the salad Napoleons with eating dumplings, eat with the taste of mayonnaise and a baked potato if you receive necessarily suggest to eat with mayonnaise.
Bon Appetit!

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