pastry ply – ..

Katmer pastry

Katmer pastry with today’s tea


4 cups flour

one yeast

half a cup of warm water

1 cup milk, warm

1 egg white

2 teaspoons granulated sugar

1.5 tsp of salt

1 cup sunflower oil

To drive into

3 tablespoons butter

to drive on

1 egg yolk


to put into it

200 grams white cheese


We’re melting our yeast in warm water in a small bowl

Our foot pumpkin 1 egg white 1 cup milk salt, sugar and 1 cup of extra liquid kneading dough molder and a drink with us before our oil we we we are.

We divide into 8 equal parts and each part we’re opening the size of a plate.

Put the dough between them close to us again we we’re driving and we we’re open rectangular opening on top.

Sprinkle cheese all over and we’re doing our roll .

after he cut two fingers thick on the tray, turn upside down and sprinkle with sesame seeds and our listing we are an egg and the syrup we enjoy cooking in the oven 180 degrees


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