I love these little snacks…if you have what Home, for example, sausage,pepperoni,cheese,olives, all sorts of ingredients such as you can prepare.Hot meals are the best!Just a lot of sourdough recipes, such as losing a little freshness for the next day, but again, if they are soft to touch warm up a bit in the hot oven.


*1 cup warm water
*Half cup of vegetable oil
*1 packet) instant yeast
*3 teaspoons granulated sugar
*1 teaspoon salt

On top:
*1 egg yolk
*Enough sliced sausage (I used sausage and your desired materials you can use)


1)salt,sugar,yeast and water in a deep container, stirring to melt and we’re away.
2)add the flour and start kneading and add liquid oils.We are adding flour until you get a dough that sticks to the hand very light.We nicely beating you over the dough cover with a damp cloth,to ferment in a warm place for half an hour, we’re waiting.
3)tear off wax paper and roll dough rising oven tray and lay the pieces of Walnut we have been arranging our intervals.
4)thoroughly by pressing with our fingers the middle of the round, we’re opening up tiny holes.We’re driving around potholes egg yolk.We carve pits sausages we thoroughly pushing it into place.
5)we’re baking preheat bake at 175 degrees until golden brown.

Bon Appetit:)

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