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Nice dishes I wanted to spoil the silence. When the weather is beautiful, I think it’s time that makes the spring feel to the table. Invite last year when I was pregnant that I made the penultimate (I’ve been preparing for after party baby shower) invitation for supper from the last day of May, my daughter was about 6 months when I was pregnant…


You may remember late last year it was the weather warmed up and in a short time it was hot, in those days, that agirladim a color table with our loved ones at home, my nose, my stomach, now how I think I did this all on my own. (so maternity is really a time-consuming, but enjoyable every minute) with my favorite purple flowers napkin rings with butterflies hazirlayivermis proper table when I get home I’ve on my plate.


The menu was made of table salt. Below, you can see cream cheese and thyme pies there were.

Aubergine Fritters

The sesame and peanuts with a different recipe made with bulgur batirik patties,

Batirik Patties

Mommy stuffed my squash blossoms. Recipe here

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

I made inspired by Kerem grilled zucchini rolls.

Pumpkin roll

Hunter’s pie recipes pie is one of my favourites, among which, in those days it was raw in the kitchen for a long time,, recipe here.

Hunter's Pie

Münevver through small additions I made my sister’s recipe carrot roll,

Carrot Roll

Selencig who set out from my description olives-cheese and herb scones there were.

Herby olives with doughnuts

Set the table name to reflect the fresh leaves thoroughly in the air while the spring cards I’ve used.

name card

The dessert section had ice cream cake cookies and cream cheese of the table. One of my favorite cookies and cream cheese cookies recipe here.

Cream Cheese Cookies

The menu for ice cream cakes, in those days, I specifically chose because the weather started warming up. Chocolate cake drenched with orange syrup, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream and chocolate on top of chocolate ganache and strawberries, which consisted of the recipe, the weather is warming I want to write.

ice cream cake

In order to give an opinion, and the table arrangements of a collage. New flavours and recipes for my blog in this table also other delicacies pending spring energy future…. Bon Appetit….

Collage Table

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