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Italian cuisine spread throughout the world panna cotta, tiramisu and a dessert not made known as well. Panna cream cotta cooked I mean, and actually dessert cream, sugar, gelatine or agar agar) is cooked with. Don’t let the name and image to scare at all, very easy to do, to eat a fun flavor. The Piemonte region of Italy whose ratifications have been registered with pudding Brule with a sweet cream actually related may be considered. Because basically, cream, sugar and vanilla to the mixture to give the consistency when using one egg yolk, gelatin is used in this tariff. In my opinion both are very tasty, while the panna cotta is a dessert lighter and more easy to make. For this reason, I would recommend this recipe to incorporate into your kitchen.

As you can see on your screens, the recipe plain, chocolate, and blue vine flower butterfly match (butterfly blue pea flower) to prepare with, the service of two colored glasses, as in prepare, I made a cool image. If you have the time you can do it This Way, chocolate, and it’s wonderful to taste and simply enough. Before moving on to the recipe I’ve made with my recipe for leaf gelatine, agar agar before but never made with gelatin and powdered. If you have troubles with animal products, gelatin is the most common of the Leaf you can use powder, but be careful not to skip the filtering phase of the granules and good solving. If the minimum if you want to use herbal thickener Agar but gelatin is dissolved and mixed with milk or cold water when it is in the construction phase, hot liquid is prepared with agar agar. While making panna cotta with agar agar you can put into the cream from the beginning. Matchmaking is an important information as to the unique taste of it is Sweet also, if blue butterfly pea flower just past the color, it does not generate any flavor difference. This beautiful product, unfortunately, are sold abroad, and hopefully begins to be sold here as well. Let’s tariff;

Ingredients: ( sleeps 6)

– 600 ml cream
– 3 tsp of gelatin or 2 tablespoons gelatin powder or agar agar 2 leaves (vegetable gelling agent)
– 1 stick vanilla or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
– 4 tablespoons sugar
– 80 GR dark chocolate
– 10 PCs blue butterfly vine flower
– 1 teaspoon of matcha


Into a saucepan the cream, sugar and vanilla, and we’re heating up to the boiling point. When it starts boiling, we’re taking from the stove. Meanwhile, pending gelatine leaf in cold water for 2-3 minutes in a bowl by squeezing our hands thoroughly we after draining, add in the cream to melt the gelatin and mix quickly homojenlesmes we provide, and we have prevented any piece of it to remain cold, especially agar agar powder and gelatin if we use. We want to serve the glasses down next to the mouth, fill up a muffin tray or into a bowl with the same slope as you can see in the photo, place and we’ll leave it to cool. So we have to get the consistency and temperature of the refrigerator after the first lift, after about 2 hours it will happen.
If we divide our remaining mix according to the kinds we use, we divide the 3 3 if you are going to some sort of like I did. If you have a container that represents my ML, it will be easier for you. We put a piece of chocolate, stirring to melt and we provide. 2. who had been waiting for the track Blue Water 1/5 cup of hot water our flowers (or you can remove the color brew with milk), and stir. 3. the piece again with very little water or milk (cold) we match up with the month we are adding.The first thing we did when the color mixture resting in the fridge we are indebted to the consistency of panna cotta slump will focus a bit, we can make the consistency of double boiler and installing it again. The consistency of Panna which has a simple tilting our glasses on quotas in the opposite direction this time, the glass we fill to the brim again in the future. In this way, 2 chocolate, 2 blue and 2 matcha dessert we will have. In this way panna cotta is ready to serve keep waiting in the fridge for 2 hours. Also posted here separately from a measurement of 200 ml and completely as I made plain and packed with chocolate. I did and I put it in that little round simply a mold and, after curing, turn over onto a serving platter, embellished with blackberries and blueberries that I made with the sauce on. (To make the sauce, in a small saucepan, cook stirring over a low heat with a handful of blueberries and blackberries 1 tsp sugar) I added a photo to see the consistency of honey. Should be neither too hard nor that we’re used to like rice pudding, a spoon should come as a full track.

Panna cotta is simple and mild, you may prepare the sauce as above, can be made with many different flavours. Orange, strawberry, pumpkin, such as coffee. Based on the same recipe you can make. Bon Appetit…

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