Pancakes a flavor that is versatile for breakfast,or eat any vegetables or meat for lunch and dinner with the main dish or want to …

Pancakes a flavor that is versatile for breakfast,or eat any vegetables or meat you want to the main dish eaten as a snack or for lunch and dinner with hot Dec, is beautiful in every way.It is important to thin the crepe alone.I made beef stroganoff for putting pancakes on this day.Also I did the presentation in the form of the bundle.The beauty of krepli recipe Oven and prepare in advance and bring to the table hot from the service some time ago.Any stuffing and prepare it with the sauce over it and garnish with more grated Parmesan cheese lezzetlendirebi you can.


For the pancake batter:

*3 eggs
*2 cups flour
*2 cups milk
*1 cup of water, close to
*2-3 tablespoons vegetable oil
*1 tea spoon full of salt


*Pound et sotelik
*1 medium onion
*1 tablespoon butter
*1 tablespoon tomato paste
*Enough hot water
*Salt ,pepper


1)First, we’re baking the meat nuggets.Take a medium sized pot until the meat is removed again and we’re baking release water.Stir in the butter then add the chopped onion and cooking and roasting we’re here.Add the paste and sauté for a little more, then we’re baking the meat thoroughly and add enough hot water until tender.Add the salt and pepper and boil a little more and we’re taking from the stove.
2)to prepare the pancakes,mix the flour, milk and juice thoroughly with wire whisk are unbeaten.Eggs,add the salt and oil and continue whisking until a smooth consistency.
3)greasing a pan with nonstick surface with a little oil and we put it in the oven.(once was enough lubricate) depending on the size of the pan, scoop the dough and pour into the heated pan and pour it with the help of an amount we’re going to take.By moving the pan spreading it evenly over all the dough we provide.After checking with a spatula and flip the other side of gold pismislig we’re cooking up.Of the credit we’re getting cooked on a large plate.We’ll repeat this process until all the dough is finished.
4)tear off a piece of aluminum foil by twisting and links we are making.(if you prefer you can use parsley stalks)
5)put enough meat and saute for pancakes in the form of a bundle attribute.We’re laying them out on a baking sheet.Service time them warm in the oven.(alternatively grated cheddar cheese on them without an oven, you can cook bread in the oven until the provolone cheese melts)

Bon Appetit:)

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