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In the pan pie❤
A delicious pie two pie pans, you can easily do that with cilantro parsley and feta cheese, cheddar cheese, ezine cheese, I used cheddar cheese that I made into
Materials up to 400 grams cheddar cheese, ezine cheese about half a cup of.. ……… … I used to drive between them 3 eggs 1 cup milk a pinch of parsley, half a cup of sunflower oil, I had a good beat.
the first one I put on the base of the pan and pour the egg mixture into the pastry flapped nicely with a spoon on each side I drove.
I put the dough on and put the dough on the same process again and again, yes, I did close a handful of mortar and sprinkle a handful of cheddar cheese drizzle to put on two more rows of dough from a mixture of dim .
We’re prepared to put the dough together over the egg mixture again 3 times driving times flip the phyllo with butter on the bottom of the pan over medium heat butter cook the other side turn and cook the other side like a pomegranate cooked to Brown the other side.
Close on the cover of the pan during the cooking process. pies pies in the first place too hard as it may sound in 2 minutes cover and allow to soften on your kitchen linen you can enjoy your meal on the last day of holidays Today, peace, health, happiness slots you are missing, my God, have a blessed day decrease in the abundance of your kitchen
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