Previously, I tried the dumplings with noodles made practical avunya over and over. Real/original Avunya goin Dumplings
take my mother and I decided to try it. The likes of all the household exquisite
the flavor I got.

So, what is this Avunya? Of Yenice, Canakkale
Madison County and Mount Ida in the district of Balıkesir into your up to
the area given to the area. This region is very famous ravioli. Especially
Often baked in Ayvalik. Balikesirli this as someone who’s original ravioli recipe
I decided to investigate. I asked my mom the recipe again goin and goin
Yörsan I decided to try flavors with. Moreover, exact methods products
my hometown Balıkesir belongs. Of course, when that happens, the two Masters combined the power of full
a flavor explosion is in the House. A taste of my hometown back home
if you’re the master I was able to do with the flavor of the work produced. The results are spectacular!
Full took a note from your house, Avunya Ravioli.

You try it I would recommend. Dough
despite the heat, the other types of ravioli much more of a mild flavor. 😉

What about you guys? Like if you’re like my mom
are you a master? I’ll do you expertly say what flavor do you have? “Yes!”
if you say, Diary www.birustasivar.com visit the site named. The delicacies that you are a master site install;
beautiful gifts to win.

Let’s Avunya mantisi for its construction materials and…

Ingredients (for 5-6 persons):

1 cup half-boiled chickpeas

Dumplings to cook in the oven:

Yörsan yogurt skim

Tablespoons tomato paste 1 Delete

If desired, crushed red pepper and dried mint

1. First of all, the chicken pan and add just enough water.
Cook chicken thoroughly and cook until the meat is free from bones.

2. To prepare ravioli dough, mix the flour into the pool and get into
break the eggs. Add the salt and well, until all the material ozdeslesene, 5-7 minutes,
knead. As for the rest dough, covered with a cloth over Way, room
let it sit for half an hour at temperature.

3. Meanwhile, remove the cooked chicken from the broth and water
inside, pre-boiled add half of the chickpeas. Chickpeas are thoroughly softened
cook until the mouth of the pot closed, and set aside.

4. The dough is rested, split into 3 nodes.

For each lump on floured surface roll out pie dough and thin

Broadcast your palm and sprinkle a little flour over the dough in the flour (This
the process, while cutting the dough, the dough sticking to each other the parts of
to prevent).

As you can see in the photo, and leave on for 15 minutes for each lump
make the roll. 1 cut finger thick pieces. Afterwards, he never
without wasting time, pasta and rolls and hold one end with your fingers open.

Take a container and cut the pasta heat resistant broadcast it.

Butter on it
cut out the pieces,

in a preheated 180 degree oven until golden brown,
Bake for 15-20 min.

Out of pasta, the hot pasta on top of chicken
Until will pass right over it, with a spoon pour. An oven tray,
it turn off until water is absorbed and the pasta with the chicken on a tray 15-20
let it sit for minutes.

6. Meanwhile, ditin small pieces of chicken.

7. Chicken stock onto the pasta and attracting first the water is drained chickpeas
it clicks into place. Then place the chicken pieces.

If you crush the garlic yogurt and mix.

9. Yörsan
melt the butter and add the sauce and soslug, and start roasting.
Burn for 2-3 minutes and switch off the heat. If desired, according to the desire into the sauce, you can add some crushed pepper.

The ravioli and tomato garlic butter on first pour the yogurt on it
hover. Desire, according to serve you can garnish with dry mint.

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