Ora-gezmece resort.. – ..

We we love to travel. Ora Bursa it doesn’t matter. A change in the sea.. or just get a different meal … we don’t do whether to get on the road.
Wanted to share some photos..

In Adapazari was not so clear.. the stars in the middle of nowhere. And the moon was so close..

We’re going almost every other day from the coast of Üsküdar. We walk down only 1 month. This time I’m a little regretful, actually. It was very crowded,he wasn’t comfortable with offspring. But, the beauty unquestionable..

The nearest places to my wife saying Let’s go to Istanbul in the northeastern village last 1 weeks. we went to The week was relaxed. The sand, the sea was beautiful. Emre had a lot of fun…

The heroic kayinvalidem because they were on holiday we went there. 2. Asus times we went we didn give up. This time we were there just in time because the place we were able to eat a lot of olive oil and zucchini. You on the sea we were not able to 7pm everyday. Entrants turned out 🙂
We went to a spring at one. A picnic area in the Kaz mountains. Water flows from each corner. The first time we go, we had to take off to find a nice spot to sit and enjoy. But this time, we are forced to see the trees of barbecue smoke. Just like ice to cool down and eating watermelon suyunc broke out.
I think the biggest criticism and workers. They take everything that comes in knowing what is happening inside the entrance. Will leave outside no problem. Only one car can pass in ways that fight. Woe to encounter one… especially with a little head it flew

Backgammon new in size 🙂

A card we received this year and we didn’t pre the museum that we believe we need to go for a Trojan. stone-ground.. City.. happened..

Emre everywhere in the game…

Where did that come from 🙂

Kurufasulye as a mother, I still can’t. It’s a little like this. Thanks to Tefal pressure cooker.. 🙂

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