On the cake, “the art of Ebru” try and say goodbye… #recipes

It’s nice to be back with you after a long break… you know, for some reason collapsed on me, and I gave a pretty Dec with complacency the result of my writings I cannot name. In recent days, the name of this complacency I’m raising my head slowly. In a room in my brain it’s like, room-filling idea and there are things to be done, but they all stuck with trying to get out the door for at the same time they annoy me. For that reason, I decided to straighten them one by one. Primarily I’d take that for an indefinite period on my blog I want to give the sad news. Then maybe my upcoming trip to Turkey together again, being back here is very crowded there will be times ahead of me. The first of these, and most importantly, go to a language school in China. I got home unfortunately does not satisfy me Chinese lessons. My brain is not satisfied the hunger of learning. For this reason, a second activity will be waiting for me: Pastry School. Here formal education, as a result of a pie that I can start school I’m going to receive a certificate. I have already got my front and around my school meeting. They do amazing I’m so excited to learn the techniques, they also are excited to see between a foreign student for the first time.

I sat in the site then they’ll be waiting for my friends to take the course. If I can I want to give a cookie and a cake, education, volunteers, even when they are already knocking at my brain.
My other dream he returned to Turkey and an oil painting exhibition open. Trained and I had paint on my own on this subject in Turkey. If I can find the time and if my own eyes I’m hoping to record the loss of life and the nature in here.
This room is full of things waiting for me, I don’t have the slightest idea about how I will continue my blog. Just the time I spent in this country, I can fill in where I’m trying to get the best yield. Being with you, to be able to get the great support of you in the comments that was hidden, it was all worth it to get a sense of friendship, maybe even without knowing it, became one of the most important elements that allows it to be adapted to me here. Don’t plan to lose this support, so in the meantime I’ll still try to give you the news myself.
I continue the routine life except for these issues. We have been talking with friends together, go somewhere and walk around and some shopping we’re doing, and sometimes we meet in each other’s homes. The invitation to breakfast given in the past week to go empty-handed I didn’t want to, for that reason I made a cake. I was hesitant about how I’ll decorate my cake, because this place is unbearably hot. Chocolate ganache cake that I made was yumusayiveriyo pull out the fridge. For this reason, covering yourself up with sugar paste, or at least too cold and I can deliver the coating from melting to cream in the hopes that I’ve decided.
On behalf of myself and our group of friends is multinational here in Turkey and to represent a kind of our culture, I wanted to give an example of a small Turkish Art in the cake. From the start I wasn’t sure whether he will be never in my life I have studied the art of Ebru, or when attempting to, personally I have not seen. Therefore, the first in a small bowl, melted my chocolate, I tried it on. How much of the truth to reflect the beauty of the possibility, although not so they can get the idea from the end from the corner, yet I decided to try it.
Have you seen how TV programs are made before the art of marbling. Masters when only a tiny stage even I had great difficulty in how easy they seemed. The traditional art of Ebru which is one of the motifs to pee, I chose to model myself to. For the construction I benefited from this site.

You also what you can do if you want to try the white chocolate to melt and color with desired food coloring. Of course, the chocolate solidifies quickly and you must cast your motifs and also. I use 400 GR cocoa sponge cake and my cake again a lot lately. Cream and 300 GR. melt together the dark chocolate, I made chocolate ganache cool down and flapping. Slightly less than half of ganaj melt them down right after I saved over the line on my cake. Prepare cake and whipped chocolate ganache I covered it with my on my garage pour and the wait neatly at room temperature, the coating every facet of the top I got.

Then paint it with white chocolate marbling patterns would I be I moved the fridge to prepare and freeze. Finally, I covered the edges of my cake with dark chocolate you’re grating properly.

Below you can take a look at the construction of the cake. (Did it really take the cake when they asked me how I put on the table and, in this way, the opportunity to talk about one of the arts of self I’ve been able to find.)

I may be back before too long…hopefully the duration of the separation
I wish all the best.
All my love,

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