Olive Oil, Beans Beading #recipes

In your opinion, this delicious beans cooked with olive oil without adding any additional water, what is the secret? Probably you will call the method of cooking. Yes, maybe from roasting the beans, in the form of cooking has the effect of marshaling. But prior to that, I’ve done beading I added pinto beans and a half cup or water, before cooking. For some reason, I couldn’t capture the flavor of folded bean dish that I made, frankly. Felt like I was eating steamed green beans like beans I ate dinner marshaling. But this time, the sorting method I have used and like ten I got a taste of the meal made from the roasting process green beans. Without any additional water, I was able to enjoy the taste of the beans that you desire.

From Raw to cooked beans and other ingredients I’ve been cooking, but the secret to this dish taste like roasted veggies… I use cast iron cookware. Cast iron has accumulated in water vapor droplets into the hole in the lid of the pot is poured into the dish. So naturally, I don’t need to add extra water to the vegetable dishes. It’s vegetables cooked in their own juice. Are not taste delicious also.


1 kg green beans

1 big onion

4-5 garlic cloves

4-5 large tomatoes


Half cup olive oil

Teaspoon sugar or 1 teaspoon (according to your taste)


1. Fresh longer if washed clean if the beans are split in two. Coarse-grained the inside of the bean to remove it.

2. Strip-peel the tomato cube-shaped pieces cut.

3. Chop the onions and garlic cooking.

4. The beans into the pot in the middle, clearance directory. If desired, tomatoes, onions and beans as a layer of garlic half of a fraction you can use the coins after Dec. With a fleet of all the beans, the beans on top of the tomatoes, onion and garlic I planted. Hole formed in the middle, beans, grains planted.

5. After all the material is sorted out, salt, sugar and take the pot on the stove and add olive oil. Until you hear the sound of boiling, not before, over a medium heat, then cook completely on low heat until the beans are tender (depending on the type of beans, it may take 2 hours to cook).

6. After it is cooked, all olive oil, at room temperature, the lid of the pot/ in a sealed container to cool/rest. Marshaling a tray to keep intact The Shape of a bean and turn it upside down, preferably cold, serve.

Bon Appetit!

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