Our great aunt in the house in the month of March I made a tea table. New recipes are added to this table that I had shared partially with images. Now I’m adding This post to the blog with all the invitation. 2 also in the coming days I’ll write the recipe that are missing.

Our great aunt, my daughter had come to see the rain for the first time. I’m prepared to except this invitation for six people for the rain. Because I don’t invite for a long time for preparing dinner, there was some performance loss, but I’ll write in the coming days, “blogger girls” it was a good workout:)

In preparing the table, in addition to butterfly dinnerware, butterfly embroidered a tablecloth I picked up. Plenty of flowers were the days freesia, and yellow-and-white by selecting the flowers and their fragrance, with both hareketlendirdim on the table.

I use the utensils for the service by connecting with bows and lace, I placed the dishes. By making the air thick roll paper napkins and cloth napkins, tied with a thin ribbon, I placed vanilla and other spicy oriental florals.

When deciding on the menu, I kept mainly the Salt fraction. After a full lunch, afternoon and dinner hours and all of the guests form a junction paying attention to for reasons that are.

Under our table were delicacies;

Rudolph Van Veen the dough prepared with the recipe lentil pies recipe recently here I have written to you.

To blog again, recently added, top with cheese pie recipe here.

Grape leaf rollstea table at our table as an indispensable classic. Had it with rice this time in a small amount of wheat.

Roasted red peppers, cheese rolls, delicious recipe in my own kitchen again I remember one of the houses, the recipe is here.

Leek meatballs the last time I wrote that is one of your favorites. You can find the recipe here.

With a taste for the dessert portion of the menu, I chose a lemon bar, which is both intensive and spacious, recipe here.

A bird’s eye view this photo at our table…. I’m the guy with the tray in his hands, I’ve been collecting our glasses for serving tea, because it is a natural photo, because I chose to keep the memory…….

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