Nail Polish Models and How They Are Made

1. Half Moon Quotes

It is quite simple to make these nails, which resemble the shape of a half moon, all we need is some time and patience. First of all, apply the nail polish you want to all your nails and wait until it dries. After it is completely dry, stick the tapes that you cut in half-moon shape with one part over your nail and apply another color you choose towards your nail tips. You can remove the tapes you have attached after drying on this floor.

2. Sugar Taste Nails 
You can choose the color you want for nails with sugar taste, but choosing the light and dark shades of the same color will provide you with a natural look. After applying the lighter color on your nail, apply a coat of toothpick to a suitable surface (transparent file may be a practical solution) and mix it with a toothpick. After pressing on the mixture with the sponge, touch the dark side of the sponge with the tip of your nail on your nail and let it dry. You can clean the nail polish parts by pouring acetone on the ear stick. Your sugar nails are ready 🙂

5. Colorful Nails

You can use one of the brushes included in your makeup kit for colorful nails. The important thing here is that the brush has a sparse structure. If you do not have such a brush, you can get it from cosmetologists. You can cut the bristles of the brush with scissors to create a less frequent structure. After applying the first coat on all of your nails and drying them, you can apply the colors you want with a brush on your nail with movements from right to left and from left to right.

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