My Daughter’s Birthday Cake … #recipes


Quickly time flies. Our little girl, the second House of joy, turned 1 in the month of June last. Birthday in a hurry because I don’t have any chance of a good photo I didn’t think to put in this blog. When there’s a lot I liked but also I wanted to share this blog. The picture blinked here and there, but I was able to cut through the surrounding clutter. The colors is not very clear, it was a light tan color. Ready for the cake I used two cake every cake, I saved three times. From simple and fantastic cream pie that I made into marmalade, I used cream I would paint outside. To make these roses have a special crimping tip, old tip by cutting off the plastic with scissors is not in my hands because I made it fit. You can check out to see how I used the web site and end of construction:




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