People my blog is 1 year old.I can’t believe it…this about 1 year ago my dear friend Horizon,wanted to open you blog I can do it when I didn’t believe it.Am…

People my blog is 1 year old.I can’t believe it…this about 1 year ago my dear friend Horizon,wanted to open you blog I can do it when I didn’t believe it.My name is but on the horizon came and said that he was so excited ,I thought the A’s I hope the rest will follow.I can’t do it where I told you to leave and leave but for me it is a hobby that had become a nice hobby, let alone many years God willing I’m thinking of writing.Horizon-Sy I thank you very much.During this time I learned so many beautiful things,and further I continue to research and learn about it.I have made very good friends.The blog world is a treasure, and I’m trying to get a share of that treasure.I’m having the bliss of sharing and rating.Wholeheartedly support me in this year,leaving valuable comments or leave my dear friends and visitors armful subsequent attempting my recipes,I’m sending my love and gratitude.We hope to have a beautiful and long to be sharing together for years…
Let’s our recipe for the day.I have a special dessert recipe to the meaning of the day.Fruit Pavlova.A wonderful dessert.Especially ideal for the summer season.Taste with your eyes image to pair your stomach.Recipe from my dear friend horizon.(Horizon In The Kitchen)


*4 egg whites

*200 grams powdered sugar

*2 teaspoons cornstarch

*1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

For the icing:

*200 ml. liquid cream

*1 package of vanilla

*2 teaspoons powdered sugar

On top:

*1 cup strawberries,1 kiwi (any fruit you desire)


1)we’re heating up the oven before.With a mixer, beat the egg whites thoroughly until white peaks are formed kopurup we’re whipping.Add granulated sugar and beat for a while.The consistency of egg whites,the mixing bowl should be such that when it is reversed will be spilled.

2)apple cider vinegar and corn starch with a spatula add the egg whites stifled by paying attention to and well,we’re mixing from bottom to Top lifting.We’re moving slowly here, otherwise it might go the egg whites.

3)on wax paper about 20 cm. we’re drawing a circle in diameter, and eggs, then this is 20 cm.outside the circle of wax paper without tasirmad we pass it on.We are fixing the egg whites with a spatula slightly to the middle part and the side walls of a hole we leave.

4)the prepared mixture pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes, we’re baking.We’re cooking up lowering the oven temperature to 140 degrees, then up to 5 minutes.Then dropping the oven temperature to 120 degrees and we’re baking about 50 more minutes.(some ovens may vary in cooking times,cooking I recommend controlled)
5)when cooked,turn off oven,cooling in the oven without opening the cover ever we are.Pavlova after it has cooled thoroughly, we’re taking out of the oven, and carefully separating the wax paper we get a platter of.
6)cream, vanilla, and cream with powdered sugar and we beat them we obtain a solid.(my icing was a little liquid flowed enough when hurry up and flapping,I’ll take more next time)
7)Pavlov’s pass before it gets to the part where we pit the cream more.We’re trimming with fruit on it as we wish.

Bon Appetit:)

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