You’ll love these cookies.The image looks like a cartoon mushroom.It has received acclaim and attracted a lot of interest on Instagram when I published.I’ll pass on the recipe immediately.In fact, you can make your favorite dough with the cookie dough if you have it.


*250 grams of soft margarine

* ½ Cup vegetable oil

*1 cup powdered sugar

*1 package of vanilla


*Red food coloring for hats

*A little white sugar dough with white spots

*Sap to paste portions of dark chocolate hats


1)3 cups flour and begin kneading the cookie dough with other ingredients.Obtained non-sticky dough we will add flour until you get a soft.

2)when dough is ready ,we add red food coloring to two thirds of dough.We add even more careful about giving color a part.As it makes a rounded shape giving a normal cookie.We lay wax paper on a baking sheet, we’re laying them.

3)we cut 2-3 fingers wide, and rolls prepare the dough for the other shanks and we’re laying them in the tray.

3)we’re baking in the oven at 170 degrees.

4)when the cookies cool, white spots from sugar paste and honey paste it into 4-5 pieces with the help of the hat sections.

5)the procedure of a double boiler the chocolate melted chocolate from the bottom of the hat by SAP daily driving are sticking to the parts.We’re waiting in the fridge for freeze.

Bon Appetit:)

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