Moscow day and night holiday

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Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by interesting architecture in Russia. Especially the “onion dome” is defined as domed buildings reminiscent of the tales for me. That fairy tale and I wondered what it must be like to live in the city. Finally, I made a short trip into the land of fairy tales and I decided to share my visions. I studied some resources before you go. Written a lot about Moscow and St. Petersburg, the image shared. One thing I have noticed looking through a window and everyone has different events, objects and me… I wanted to tell you what I saw out my window. Guide both what we heard and what I saw, both tales…

Started from Istanbul on the morning of 1 July “White Nights” of the journey. First stop Moscow. As soon as we landed in Moscow that lasts all day long, we made a trip to a city tour bus first. On this trip we met us here and accompany us during a trip to Moscow with Moscow and tells the tale of the Great Turkish Milena also describing the stories on here I’m getting as good. If you do not know already if the Cyrillic alphabet in Moscow, travel is difficult. These letters until we figure the trip ends! You’ve checked out our guide to ourselves for him. Here is an example. All the street lights under 4-there’s letter writing. This article, however, we were able to solve the second day. “Stop” means! We haven’t tried the other sign…

This is an interesting city. “12” with type “twelve” – lane road there. Large parks, wide sidewalks, multi-lane roads, giant Gothic buildings, epic onion-domed buildings, limousines, brides posing for pictures in cool places…
The bride? Yes. Here, married couples, families and relatives before the wedding and then the best man, bridesmaids and close friends by taking a photo in a nice place they’re touring the city. A photo of a Russian girl is a curiosity I have observed that, by the way. Rented a limo for the bridal car and he didn’t.
First, view the city from Sparrow Hill.

On a trip to the city I was very interested in the sculpture in the photo below, photo taken from the bus as a whole is gorunemi, but whoever designed very well.
Sculpture, I mean the first one into space on 12 April 1961, who saw the human of our world from space for the first time, Yuri Gagarin statue. I took off the bus and unfortunately, I don’t get the whole of the statue. Go on an unknown journey and returning to the world saglime the end, Gagarin became very popular in the country. Young girls is said to have received approximately 5 million letters every day. Unfortunately at a young age lose their lives as a result of the crash of the plane during a training flight. The magnificence of the statue in tribute to his heroism, actually height was 1.57.

This building was the former KGB building.

A square from a nice landscaping. Flowers “Moscow” and “Red Square”. It’s obvious that the photo was taken from the bus, isn’t it?

And always we hear the tale reminiscent of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square and the King’s Castle. It’s not like we know the squares to the Red Square. It’s a big area so you can feel yourself like an ant. Frequent concerts were held in this area. I envied so much!

Red Square and the GUM shopping center, which is located in the 1800s were made in the exterior and interior appearance.

Famous cafes, artists who paint, with plenty of souvenir shops, a colorful street is open to pedestrians only. Arbat Street.

Novodevic we are now in the cemetery of the monastery. We are visiting Nazim Hikmet. The blue-eyed Giant lies here. With Vera Next.

In this cemetery folk heroes, statesmen and artists are uykularinda last. Of the graves, each one a work of art. Here are examples:

And We Are In The Center Of Moscow. “Every year 5-6 subway stations adding” the information has caused my feelings of jealousy to skyrocket! A metro station’s “nice” to people, sounds ridiculous I know, but some stations especially in the Moscow subway each one of the Art Center. Giant chandeliers at a station, a station at another station at the statues, stained-glass windows, mosaics, relief decorations, what…

There were bronze statues at a station. I had two of each statue had been pointed to as the AND gate. Stroking the nose of the dog with the belief that the statue would bring good luck was there. Necessarily the Russian people passing the dog’s nose touch and goes. This is because the dog’s nose flared. Unfortunately, the only statue I didn’t! In the following, a statue of the man with the dog (the statue I photographed with my closed off personality because he didn’t want to publish!) and also caught incidentally in passing and back at the touch of a photo of a Russian citizen.

Images from a boat tour on the Moscow River… the weather was very cloudy and without the sun, the photos did not make very clear.

In the top photo the building science academy immediately. The great Peter the Great statue. The ship inside the ship, the ship to the top of Petro. They made this statue for the Tsar who care a lot about sailing. Oh, and pull the net!!!

The following building the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. The world’s tallest Cathedral.

And We’re In The Kremlin Palace. “The Kremlin, castle, Citadel, fortress means. So, we we take a tour of the Moscow Kremlin. Trinity Tower of the Kremlin We went on. Also in this tower Napoleon in 1812 the Kremlin and stays there for 33 days. During the Battle of Moscow burned and collapsed. Russian troops when they evacuated the city, withdrawing and back didn’t leave any food, only drink they left. As the cold deepens, Napoleon was forced to withdraw his army. Describing the French soldiers in the war was shown to be drinking and drunk pictures. Let’s go back to the Kremlin after this story. The first photo of the Trinity Tower.

This building is still Putin’s office was there. Resided both in the Kremlin and Lenin both used as an office. Stalin used this with the fear of assassination. This information to the parts of the Kremlin that such a work of the transitions are forbidden.

The largest bell in the world. Ball, 200 tons, bullets and weighs 1.5 tons. But it’s never been used. A casting masterpiece.

The largest bell in the world. Where towers would not weigh 200 tons and carry it always stopped. So, it’s never been used this bell. Has been made a short time later, poured cold water in the fire when the can also. This caused the rupture of a part of your life. Breakaway piece of 11,5 tons! I didn’t get a free moment to take the picture for you hurt!

Within the boundaries of the fortress there is the two major Kremlin Cathedral. The first is “the Cathedral of the ascension into heaven of the Virgin Mary”, “the Cathedral of the Annunciation to Mary”, it’s called too. Very precious icons. However, no photography.

The other Cathedral “the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael”. Baptized in the Cathedral of the ascension of Mary Tsars, was buried in the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. In fourty-six sarcophagi, there is still no pictures.

And now we’re coming out and after a short walk from the Kremlin, Alexander Gardens, we reach. Where there are equestrian statues of the garden, pool and the most crucial element.

Now the Museum. The French and Russian armies on the plain of war in 1812 asked to do a painting of a painter depicting from Rubo. The painter did the picture, but the picture is 115 m x 15 m. in size. For years, hidden picture, and this museum was built specifically for this painting in the end (on the occasion of jealousy and more). The picture that complements the topic of 3D rendered objects. Now, first on the outside of the museum, then the museum and from other parts of the picture out of squares. The commander of the Russian armies in the garden of the museum, there’s a statue of general Kutuzov.

Write up about Moscow before I’m done. In order for St. Petersburg’s…

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