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Finally, on July 1 I wrote. Today, 1 September. There is a gap between 2 month. A little vacation in these two months, there is a little bit of summer languor. Anyway, I came…
“missing flavors” I’m a member of the Mail Group. There are “milk candy” N was mentioned. I’ve never heard of, and I haven’t had. Take an internet tour and immediately found a few recipes. The recipes were used mainly for margarine. I’ve reduced both oil, and margarine picked up (still fat!). Different and a nice dessert.

1 lt. milk
2 cups sugar
250 gr. butter
4 tbsp olive oil
1 cup flour

Boil the milk and sugar. When you boil them on the other side melt the butter, the olive oil is added along with the flour and saute until it turns pink. Into boiling (important) and mix adding milk sugar (dark will be the consistency of custard) is poured into the tray. Square Pyrex I spilled my guts. Has been given the top job in the oven, over is kept until transparent. Warm a serving plate then cut and removed. Serve with cinnamon and chopped nuts.

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