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meat lasagna

Good food good meat Good Friday and a peaceful weekend to you all I wish lasagna .
Here today the weather is very nice and easy walk about 3 hours after a meal both hearty and easy lasagna cooked I come home, I chose a side salad, I’ll serve it with practical good evening to you all Tonight

Ingredients for lasagna ☘1.5 pounds ground beef ☘Two onion ☘2 tablespoons tomato paste ☘250 grams of creme fraiche ☘spices powder 2 package lasagna ☘Pepper
☘ 4 cloves garlic ☘salt ☘one red bell pepper ☘one green pepper Yesil ☘ready a bowl of boiled vegetables mix(butter John)) ☘600 grams grate cheddar ☘2 tablespoonful butter
☘about 4.5 cups of water
☘ 12. 13 lasagna dough
Lasagna dough .

Strip peel the onions-very thin wash peppers and chop the core extract . slice
We’re roasting ground beef first in a pan with butter first.
Thinly sliced onions , garlic and peppers, as well as we’re blasting the clerk resume .
Added in vegetable mixture, we also thoroughly sauté for a clerk, then two lasagna spices and water clerk
after joining approximately mix with 4 cups water.
A mix for about 3-4 minutes after boiling, turn the heat off.
The base of the tray of dough into the lasagna that sort on a sequence that you have prepared the meat sauce, pour the grated cheese, sprinkle pork all over again Dan again broadcast all over the dough, sprinkle cheddar on the sort of this process make 4 lines from fees.
To plenty your grated cheese bake in the oven .
Bon Appetit

I didn’t use any butter in this recipe spices spices 2 packages lasagna sounds enough

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