Leopard Cookies #recipes

Leopard cookie after a long break I’ve seen a lot on Instagram @inanc_cinar according to the recipe I tried.


250 gr. butter,
a half-cup of oil,
one cup powdered sugar,
1 package of baking powder
slowly add in flour.
2,5 tbsp cocoa.

All the ingredients are mixed and while still soft consistency dough obtained is divided into two, one is obtained by adding a little more flour to the dough piece outdoor color. Split up the dough again and add 2 tablespoons cocoa and half the other piece is dark brown and light brown add the other half of the dough to obtain a paste of half a teaspoon cocoa. Light brown clay, thin rolls of this dough wrapped in a dark brown opened up the roll, and is cut half an inch thick. The cut dough pieces are placed randomly open up and the white color on it. Roll over and pressed slightly. Is cut with cups of tea. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees.

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