Leek patties are a favorite in my kitchen for the last two years. I had münevver sister for the first time. Gave a couple of me with you when you return home, so the taste had become very clear. Was done at home many times since that day. Eating a delicious meatball varieties that don’t feel much of the taste of leeks, and also one of the best examples on the unity of vegetables and meat I think.

Sephardic leek patties are a recipe from cuisine, prepared in this way like meatballs, tomato, and sour sauce it can be done like dinner. Them I got the recipe Münevver Sister I learned from the comments on the page. We also are cooked when the sauce is running out rapidly so I haven’t had the opportunity to try, next time I’ll try this way. It’s time to sit though, but even settled in our freezer just for this recipe boiled leeks. Because my daughter is consumed with love in the rain. Known children vegetables, it’s hard for me to eat meat on this occasion I’m adding a new tag to the blog. From my own experience “Kid Food” section, I’m opening it. In this section, the recipes of the dishes we made in the rain I’m going to write recipes for her favorite foods. These words on my menu the last period if under the invitation on the table Pirin meatball recipe is as follows;

Ingredients: (30-35 pieces for dumplings)

-1/2 kg leeks
-300 gr minced beef
-1 bunch parsley
-3 eggs
Boiled potatoes -1 large
– Breadcrumbs
– Salt and pepper
Oil (for frying)


Yesil, including the leek and the White parts, boil with salt and the juice of the small bumps we. We are having thoroughly with the juice during boiling. If the process is long puller, drain the excess water, we can use in making the soup. Opportunities after you prepare this way, with boiled potatoes, mash with the help of a blender or rondo we are making. In a mixing bowl, potato leek mixture, 1 egg, minced meat, finely chopped parsley, salt, pepper and enough bread flour to bring it to the consistency of meatballs (1 small cup) up to add and we are a molder, and we shape it with our hands like in the photo. Ago prepared meatballs into beaten eggs, then into bread crumbs by anointing, we hear we’re frying the chop. Enjoy the meatballs can be eaten warm and cold…..

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