Vichyssoise (videos it’s pronounced), i.e. f leek and potato soup… the name is long, easy to make and delicious at the same time, fit our taste a yummy soup. This soup in New York, The Ritz-Carlton, by French chef Louis Diat of the hotels in the summer of 1917. Chief his grandmother (who lived near Vichy in France () and have this delicious soup made famous by developing the recipe applied. I have made soup before with potatoes and leeks, giving this soup with different flavours and flavour but again, I did frequently while searching for pisenl they became our kitchen. The output of the soup to the soup mentioned in the story since this video was made on a summer day, served cold, if you check on the internet also has many recipes you can see that as a cold soup. In accordance with our understanding of our traditional soup to serve hot or warm is what I prefer. Due to naturally flavor the soup because flour, cream, potatoes and chicken/vegetable juice. You can guess the flavor it adds to the soup of potatoes and sour cream. Potato and leek soup in French cuisine that is made with another, there is the overall difference and the other served hot.

In order to achieve my own definition of ideal, I researched the recipes of the Great Chefs of French cuisine. I looked at Paul Bocuse and Julia Child’s recipe. Already many recipe, leeks, potatoes, meat/vegetable/chicken broth with chives and cream contains. Paul Bocuse in the recipe, fresh aromatic herbs such as thyme and parsley are included. I created my own recipe by blending them.


– 7-8 pieces of thick white parts of leeks

– 4 medium potatoes

– 1 medium onion

– 1 tablespoon butter or 3 tbsp olive oil

– 3-4 sprigs fresh thyme

– 1 litre chicken or vegetable broth

– 100 ml cream

– 3-4 sprigs of chives

– Salt and white pepper


Strip the outer parts of leek, chunky chopping and chopping and chopping before washing to wash the sand and jammed together, so I’m doing after purging. Peel the potatoes, we’re cutting into large cubes. Rob also chop up onions chunky, all of them we take a deep pot and butter, plain butter or add olive oil and lightly roasting we’re here. Then lemon thyme sprigs, chicken / vegetable juice are added to the same amount of drinking water. Finally, add the salt and white pepper (or normal pepper I prefer to keep white color of the soup, you can put a small amount or do not put ever) I’ll leave it to boil and close the lid. I’m taking from the stove and after boiling cook for 15 minutes, and after removing thyme from the branches, I’m having a blender. Lastly, the cream, pour into 2 tablespoons and mix it until after separating. Add the cream and finely chopped chives on top of the soup and serve hot or warm so I’m taking. If you have fresh cream in the house, I prefer it for service. (Fresh cream fermented with kefir or yogurt, creme fraiche cream normal with the original name of French cuisine has a delicious flavor and again with belongs to be.) This soup can be served cold as well.

Note 1: the normal chicken soup or vegetable juice with water if you don’t you can do it too, this is so delicious, I’m doing just with water when you are not at home.

Note 2: The Soup is clear about guest ready for cream, the cream in the soup there’s got to be balanced with amounts, but if I’m cooking only for ourselves, reduced the amount of cream, or just during the service I add.

Note 3: chives, spring onions are similar to, but much thinner branches with foliage a taste in between onion and garlic.

Note 4: a day that will leave scars in our lives I think we ourselves, we received quarantine, corona virus heavily affected humanity are historic times. To register here too I add.

Note 5: because we stayed in the house a little more carb-heavy foods we’ve all had orientation for that reason that will keep our immune strong healthy foods should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. There are many recipes available on my page, I wish to examine here by clicking can look.

Bon Appetit & have a healthy day

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