Kütahya Porcelain Tableware Models

Kütahya Porcelain Tableware Models are with us at the best times of our home. In fact, we need to use the dinner sets that we bring to our guests in the most special smile, in our own home. It is very difficult to use these designs, which are very beautiful, in fact, we cannot break them. The plates, usually twelve, are patterned and brilliant. I will tell you about the most beautiful ones today. The plates that have been our guests for years have been combined with their most elegant form in Kütahya porcelain. The teams, where elegance is at the forefront, appear with soft colors. There may be different opinions for these designs, in which gray is actually dominated by the silver. Gold or silver colored ones have already taken place in our cabinets in our homes.

modern fashion + + + + asortik last kutahya + porcelain dish + + + model team

As you can see, this model, which has twelve parts, has everything from salt shaker to serving plates. When you remember your most special times, these teams come to the table immediately and the most special tables appear. Since we are a nation that loves to eat, the best patterns come. Elegance is at the forefront of this team. You can see the reflection of light on the silver patterns.

+ white + yellow + lane + kutahya embossed porcelain + dinner + + + model team

We love not only food but also catering. The richer gold color helps us at this table. This color is not so glamorous. Think white plates and the edges are golden. Beyond its elegance. I like such polite models. What kind of things do you like?

Sugar Bowl + gin + patterned + Spice + and + porcelain dish + kutahya + food + + + model team

Like a cat patterned, but not. Although it carries its traces, the most popular shade of gray is located here. Patterns are on the mouths of jewelry. It stays just above the food and can be seen easily. For this reason, the powder is in the light tones towards the dark middle at the tips of gray color.

flower gul + + + green + lane + kutahya patterned porcelain + dinner + + + model team

Special for those who like rose patterns and show off. It is not my style. I like those with less patterns.   There is a color between mustard tone and green here. Roses, on the other hand, are scattered on plates. In fact, it is good enough to prevent meals.

cizgi thin black + + + + white + kutahya straight lane + + porcelain dish + + + model team

Imagine that the dark gray lines make the edges of the plate prominent. This dinner set will come to your mind. Kütahya Porselen is one of the most preferred among Dining Sets Models. I think we also like plain tones.

BOAT + shaped bathtub + + + service + food + and + kutahya porcelain cups + food + + + model team

The soup pot is quite different. Like a square. It is on the plates. Suplas are the same. The colors are so plain that they can be called soft, almost colorless. As if there was none as well. And the power that draws us to this model should be here. The whole team is available. It even has a saucer. For your perfect treats.

great food + + + + small in size porcelain plates + + + porcelain pot kutahya + dinner + + + model team

When we imagine the designs decorated with pink and green tiny flowers, if these patterns occur in our heads, this should be the dinner set for twelve people. It can be used daily, even if it is not a classic pattern. The size is the same. Its roundness is of classical size.

oval plates + service + + + kutahya porcelain sugar bowl + food + + + model team

Silver reflection. Tiny tiny thin patterns. They line up like a rope, but they’ve also been beautiful. They succeeded in being among the few but simple teams. A few of the shades of gray dominate. Patterns in dark tones and light tones coincide.   The soup pot is not too big. Plates are square and rounded.

+ yellow + black embossed cizgi + lane + + + porcelain dish + A + tenver kutahya + porcelain dish + + + model team

The golden yellow patterns are weighted. Even if it was straight and striped, it seemed a little intense. Thick lines are cut and placed on the edges of the plate. In fact, I can say that it has approached the Ottoman colors a bit. Next to the round soup pot, all products are available up to his supula. It will be great with a cream colored tablecloth.

+ and + the + upper middle relief sari + + + Figured kutahya + porcelain dish + + + model team

Sorted like lace patterns. It was processed, like gold embroidery. One of the kind models. The kind your guests will love. Black napkins are used. Crystal napkins were used. In fact, gold is also very good in black.

+ + Sugar Bowl embroidered leaf pattern + + + + service plate porcelain platter + kutahya + food + + + model team

I can say another design with purple pattern. Inspired by plants in nature. It is not heavy for daily use.   It can be detailed with purple accessories. It would be super with a purple or white tablecloth. Although the plates are not full square, they attract attention with their slightly round shape.

Figured chain + + + service + food + platter + platter porcelain kutahya + food + + + model team

One of the Different Kütahya Porcelain Tableware Models. Square and red patterns from black and white. Tiny and different. I liked it. It can be used both on the guest and daily. The color of the bottom disc also attracted me. I can say a tableware to take.

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