Krepli cake #recipes

First, my dear mother in Antalya, and Eskisehir, dear mother-in-law and mothers… all mothers, including mother’s day I’m celebrating And I would like to dedicate this cake to them.

Wanted to make this cake for a long time, but it takes quite a time of preparation, because I know that I couldn’t find a chance. I decided to make this an opportunity not to be home this weekend with my husband. And if plenty of time if you’re bored, here for you is a hobby. I bought the recipe from Martha Stewart’s website, but I made a few changes by myself.



Eggs, milk, flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, whisked with the mixer prepare the batter and chocolate pancake. Poured with a ladle into greased Teflon pan with very little, pancakes with a consistency as thin as possible are prepared. 20 I made pancakes. Two packages cream between them for rides is prepared. Are added and thoroughly mixed in the mixer to coat the back of a cheese packet. By applying the cream between the cooled pancakes, are stacked one on top of the pancakes. Pour the prepared chocolate sauce on top. Powder sugar to decorate on a cup of tea, baking baking soda and salt to combine. After they are caramelized, toothpicks, soaked nuts, grains, covered with sugar, and are supposed to cool down by turning it upside down. Of toothpicks must be careful not to touch each other. After it cools, the toothpicks are removed. Wax paper in The Shape of a butterfly for the butterfly is drawn. Paper input and the inverted sugar with the help of a teaspoon shape is poured. After freezing, is placed on the cake with the nuts.

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