Khadijah’s Supper – The Menu – ..

I’ll write in one of the beautiful day. Gene toplastik girls. Guzellesen more and more and really, we samimilesen days living it makes me happy. Fortunately, speaking the same language,laughing at the same thing, and most importantly, we have a pretty good group. Pleased 🙂
I also very often haticecig had prepared a banquet for us. Caterpillar chocolate cookie itself is shared. Khadija is served with pita and beef. Let me share my menu..

– Chicken and dumplings
– Minced meat of the tiny pidecik
– With olive oil stuffed
– Cucumber-potato salad
– Sun-dried tomatoes salad-Yesil
– Sweet-salty cookie ( from me)
– White chocolate chip cookies ( from Melda)
– Chocolate caterpillar cookies
– Muhallebili baklava

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