Kemalpasali Caramel Custard #recipes

I have tried changing this recipe a bit and hatiralari kitchen which I love:

6 cups milk,
1 cup granulated sugar,
3 Turkish coffee cup of flour,
Drip 1-2 piece of gum,
1 package vanilla
1 package whipped cream.Preparation:

Milk, sugar,flour and mastic to the consistency of pudding by mixing cooked. Whipped cream and vanilla are added and mixed with dust from the fire and downloaded. Pudding into the bowl is emptied.

Gulab 1.5 cups powdered sugar, caramelized and melted in a saucepan as water is. 3.5 cups of sugar into 2 cups and add water, boil 1 package of gulab is added, and the slurry is cooked until it is soft.

Put one on top of pudding decorated with nuts Gulab around.

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