Kedi Şeklinde Paskalya Çöreği #recipes

These cute kitties, I made with brioche dough, but if you want you can make from a cookie or pastry dough. Eye, lip and mouth mechanical pencils food coloring to melted chocolate or royal icing egg whites+powdered sugar that you will get the cream you can benefit from flapping. As for the recipe I use…

A half-cup of oil
Half a cup of milk and heat close to
Half a cup of warm water
2 eggs (1% to separate the yolk)
2 heaping teaspoons instant yeast
2 fingers on the bottom of granulated sugar half a glass more
A pinch of salt
1 teaspoon mahaleb
Slowly add in flour.

Let’s heat up our oven to 180 degrees. 3 cups flour until a bowl put the yeast, sugar, salt and mahleb let me just add. Open like a pool in the middle, water, eggs, oil and milk add. The liquid mixture the flour from the edges I’m yogurali ala ala. The ear lobe obtained in a non-sticky dough until I’m yogurali. You can add small amounts of flour if necessary. We leave the dough for 10-15 minutes, and again I’m yogurali. There are parts of the dough 8-10.

There are 4 parts each dough like in the picture.

Let’s roll the biggest part.

Like in the picture sfigure let me give.

Other dough with the big one in the head, the ears make the little ones. With a very little amount of eggs our huge, ears stick.

Cats in the fur of cats that lived in the various parts of our finished egg yolk colours.

Cook until they begin to color our donuts.

Let cool after removing from the oven and when cooled the eyes, mouth and whiskers let.

We do have a sleeping cat 🙂

Bon Appetit!

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