Kalburabasti #recipes



☘1 cup milk
☘2 cups sunflower oil
☘1 tablespoon semolina
☘Baking powder 1
☘As much as it takes because I’ve used about 5 and a half cups 5 cups flour soft dough so it must be the eye if you make decision to bought it, it would be better if you slowly add the flour the dough is the consistency of the dessert

For the syrup

☘4 cups water
☘4 cups powdered sugar ☘quarter lemon
we’ll boil the slurry for about 10 minutes and leave to cool

Preparation first boil the syrup and leave to cool .
In a deep bowl, mix milk, semolina and baking powder and sunflower oil on after taking off it slowly knead the clerk .
The medium is taking about 5 or 5 and a half cups of flour with a glass of water, I measured it. Walnut meringues dough to your taste then remove and take a stroll.
Grater filter and in the filter I tried, but it was even more beautiful .
So I used 1 teaspoon of margarine on dough the size of walnuts, Walnut filter, put the filter close the tray and the edges, and we sort of sweet in the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour I cooked the output 31, and six Pomegranate until.
I poured the cold syrup on a dessert and I got into my Pyrex.
Derya, I took my friend for iftar and sprinkle with pistachios on them, but you all better honey, you should try the delicious flavors of a delicious Iftar from the Sivas region kiyir kiyir

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