Jelly cookies – ..

Jelly cookies

Jelly cookies

1 cup starch
250 grams butter
200 grams powdered sugar
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 egg
2 vanilla sugar
Slowly add in flour.


Powdered sugar


Cut up the cubes of butter into a deep bowl, eggs and powdered sugar with ugly.
We continue to add starch, beat and carbonate.
Slowly we are adding in our reputation and we are a molder.
The dough should be a soft dough.
Leave to rest in a cool place for about half an hour off and on.
Roll dough we’re making small meringues and jam from our jam in the tray until the clerk of publish on just two drops sort. Bake at 180 degrees. Half a tsp of attendance immediately upon our nights out of the oven again
After it cools, sprinkle powdered sugar on it good appetite

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