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I know this is a very long week, Dec gave. My wife had to go out of town and “we’re alone enough,” shouts and tailing with my son. As I mentioned before, we live in a developing city in China. We went to the city of China, Beijing was the capital of. Selecting on where to go there and take a guidebook in my hand and (of course a naughty 2 year old boy) as much as I can, sometimes on foot, sometimes I worked for a cab ride, shopping I’ve done. I went to the famous Forbidden City, separate from the first field that I’m back. Thanks my son off with a flying kick and existing small ottomans in the blood like I’m stealing my spotlight hissettirinc to Nara from there I ran on the fly, but I persevere, one day the Great Wall of China together with, also I am hoping to travel freely.

I know you’re waiting for the invite since last week, a little apology in the sense of I told you in this post to get the recipe and lots of pictures. In fact, this much-acclaimed next taken to the house even Apple shares the title of the post I told you to do, but get me a ticket. There’s not no other recipe in my hand, as it always left my homework to the last day undergrad feeling I have. Maybe my next essay I’ll do it again with one of the Chinese recipes. And “Philadelphia” cream cheese I’ve found, who keeps me anymore?

To finish this cake for the first time he met him on Susan’s site and a big “yay!” I took Marshmellow sheets I used to make sugar dough. I’m saying now when I came here I wish weight weight to store glucose and the gelatin powder. I got ready really different from sugar paste and fragrant dough. I had pink and white marshmallows because I couldn’t find the dough alone derivatives happened, I continue my research on that subject. For the recipe please click here.

I made my cake 2 days in advance and stretch wrapped with sponge cake. I stood in the closet. The mold was 25 cm.

6 eggs
1.5 cups granulated sugar
1.5 cups flour
Add 1 package chopped walnuts
Dough 1 package baking powder
50 gr. melted butter
A pinch of salt

Carefully the whites and yolks of the eggs take two rough. Whisk the whites with salt until foamy. Continue whisking and gradually add the powdered sugar into it. After all the sugar is added continue whisking until the mixture becomes smooth and dark. Candy melts (mix dough sticks together if I’m rubbing it between my two fingers I’m finishing flapping my hands) add the egg yolks and slowly add into the mixture. By adding vanilla, flour and baking powder together and add to the mixture, and carefully mix in the mixer, add the lowest ERA. Finally, add the oil and beat into the mixture after the mold preheat your oven to 175 degrees and pour in your greased Cook. (Do not open the oven door for the first 20 minutes)

The recipe for the icing from cilizoglu Leman)
3 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup granulated sugar 1 finger missing
2 cups milk
Zest of half a lemon
Add half a teaspoon of pure vanilla 1 package chopped walnuts or deleting

Milk, put them in a pot all ingredients except vanilla and lemon zest, mix and add the milk little by little and try not to lump. Put it on the fire and stir until thickened. When it boils, 1 minute curdles when you allow it. Add the vanilla and lemon zest and mix well and turn golden. Dec cream Dec the cream, stirring to allow you to keep your cool. You can cover it up and remove it thoroughly when it gets mild in the closet. Remember to clap on the cake with the mixer again before using it.

We are engaged duzluyor sponge cake with a serrated knife by cutting our portion of the camber. We will use a barrier cream to make parts increased. We spend our cake 3 times. Fill a bowl with a hand crushing the remaining cupcakes from the top, put the dough into it and kneading it like it does we’re prepared from 2-3 tablespoons of cream. We prepared the dough, we can divide it into two equal parts, using a piece long we take. Our first floor to the outside of a circle of sponge cake in the form of frame you are doing. this cream can not run over us our cake. This method I’ve seen in emeralds from my friends blog, I would like to thank you for this great idea herself.

We do the inside of the frame, we prepared the cream filling and fill up with the fruit we desire, or a third of the material we’re putting one of. On the first floor my cake strawberries, banana pieces I used on the second floor. We are the second listing of the second frame and then the remaining floors of the dough. Our fruit cake is filled with cream and again cover it up and we’re giving it pretty thick around it thoroughly with the remaining cream.

After waiting, we prepared our cake in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours covered with sugar paste.

Of the appropriate size which we opened our dough, we’re getting our cake cutting tool with a roll of excess neatly dressed.

From the piece you cut off very little water in the bottom of a long ribbon and cut the cake saying that we are sticking. Decoration “tweezers” I used a tool called. It’s not very straight for the first time to use unfortunately. Again, I worked with this tool to shape the top of the cake to be round also.

My colors for my cake decorations I couldn’t think of much more alternatives when you’re restricted to; just roses of two colors and the shapes I made. A little dough I blew on the roses, I placed my cake in a way that shapes the rest scattered. By placing more space between the roses I tried to capture an image of a few accessories.

My new friends how they found my cake I would like to explain immediately; first of all was shocked, never seen a cake like this before and stated they have congratulated me. If you only knew the Turkish ladies, what’s more, this cake next to theirs are ugly; I’m sure of amazement doubled. Some people drew a picture of the cake, and others I asked you to do this job professionally and to teach others he asked. I didn’t do this job professionally but a lot of my friends and my loved ones to do this kind of for a lot of the cake I have expressed. I could do it if you request it, I added too 😉

We have another amazing taste in the menu “vicious”di, I was subjected to a thousand questions and took everyone at least 2 times. “What’s inside”, “this is true”, “it has a tomato taste, but no tomatoes” like that. Put lettuce into actually infertile, but because it’s not in my hand Dill(not here) a little greens in my eye he came. Also, bulgur is a derivative of, but that is a derivative of two different pasta and couscous because couscous bulgur the same in foreign countries that were here and I couldn’t tell what it looks like. Together this is a traditional Turkish food that I cornered the Greeks also many of us from sleeping I didn’t forget to cite our tastes. As a result, I’m very glad and very pleased.

The other was a salad or pasta salad, corn, carrots, peas and there was plenty of pickles. Pasta salad was consumed with love.

Again, Ayila was also eating a chocolate brownie cafe Fernando bayila’s another taste of my guests. This recipe is my favorite and I’m using it as leverage at times the most crucial that needs to be rescued. This one I made with chocolate two layers of brownie and pound material. Decorated with pistachios taken on. As a result, they took to their homes, their husbands and other children.

In the menu that I saw in the salt at the last moment Saliha to need some sort of “buttery muffins” I decided to try. Prepare the night before I shaped muffins, egg yolks sprinkled the tray with a fleet of their thirst. The next day I cooked it and it was great. There was not one left to the next day.


Varieties in the menu to the last “apple pie” was. The day was one of the most widely spoken of flavors apple pie. I can’t believe you didn’t eat before because it’s always very classic apple pie or a recipe to share. The biggest worry there was whether leavened dough. One by one were pulled on their way to the house again. In the meantime, my plastic container I had in abundance to deploy everyone, I hope I could take it all back 😉 I was saving this recipe for my next post, but for now I wanted to share. Leman adapted from the recipe again and definitely cilizoglu a guaranteed result.

3 apples-grated
1 teaspoon full of cinnamon
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
3 tablespoons yogurt
3 cups flour
250 gr. butter
Juice of half a lemon
Dough 1 package baking powder
4 heaping tablespoons powdered sugar
Half cup coarsely ground walnuts

Sprinkle powdered sugar on top of apples and place them in a pan. Add cinnamon and walnuts and mix. Cook until the apples release juice. It’s a process that will last more than 15-20 minutes most. Your inner material, then leave to cool.

Flour, softened a bit at room temperature, oil, baking soda, lemon juice, powdered sugar and yogurt in a bowl with your hands non-sticky dough is made. Let the dough rest in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. More then half a cm. open mouthed and wide with thick glass, cut circles or patterns around the edges to put a cold apple. The half-moon shaped dough by pressing turn off. At 180 degrees pre-heated oven and cook until it turns pink. Liberally put the icing sugar into a bowl, dip into powdered sugar each individual their place in the bowl of a serving plate.

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