This elegant and delicious recipe zeymura cafee the cookies belong to. The image until the flavor is great. Those who love soft cookies that you cannot give up flavor. The recipe follows;
*3 eggs
*1 cup sugar
*1 cup olive oil
*5 cups flour
*1 packet of baking powder
*1 package of vanilla

  1. Sugar, vanilla and egg and beat with a mixer until foamy. Olive oil and then baking soda is added slowly with the addition of the flour and finally her earlobe a soft, smooth dough is obtained.
  2. Walnut dough pieces are picked from the trees.The roll bar is done and three of the rods are combined in the form of drops.
  3. Cooked in a preheated 180 degree oven about 8 minutes and allowed to cool so that remains white.
  4. 1 package sweet or dark chocolate pieces 2 tablespoons milk 1 Muscle Milk same way margarine is melted.
  5. The ends of the cookies into the melted chocolate cooled are immersed.Peanut or coconut can be dipped in chocolate after messing up and ends when the light.
  6. Freeze on wax paper in the series, are stacked in the tray is removed from the refrigerator. Chocolate is taken out of the fridge and froze and service offered. Bon Appetit..

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