I’m a butterfly, I flew to a faraway place… #recipes

Firstly hello again, everybody. Very busy and after a tiring day, I finally I have settled in my new house. Of course, this is only the preliminary settlement haven’t come in yet because I can say the stuff I sent here from Turkey. They came and I will continue to still feel like a nomad again properly myself until it snaps.

For now, we’re living with much stuff to carry on our lives. A team cookware, cutlery, one pan, two plastic and a few ceramic plates only our immediate needs, such as took, sat down. In the House of Allah lounge suite, bedroom and table, etc were there.
By this time, I tried to tell my experiences, if it takes pages and pages. You know this place is extremely different social and cultural structure that is different from anywhere. Human habits, habits, food, shopping, everything is very different. Overall I can say that I’m used to it. Though stunned me at any moment, or that doesn’t mean there won’t be things that can be terrifying. For example, when I went to every store draws my attention to the food or it’s a different thing. Most of the time I am surprised. Here the place of every kind of every kind of animal sold or is being made to eat them separately. Of my blog by talking about such matters a lot of “sweet” much influence on the course don’t let. 🙂 But overall, I consider myself tolerant of these things, ultimately on the whole I came.

Besides all that, the Chinese are extremely sincere, warm and helpful. They’re always laughing and smiling.(Usually) in a supermarket or the mall it’s all eyes on me and my son here because it’s not a very touristic place in China. I think we’re coming to them strange and different. Surely it must be from their loved ones also examines children very much or they love my son with interest. Between them, they’re talking about sometimes, of course, I know a little of their language I unintentionally 🙂

For now, everything seems to be going fine external minor mishaps. Even a little concern about my cake supplies, I was lost. I found the coverage here of ivory and cream on the subway. All I’m missing is the powdered sugar, then on the road, is on the way.

Since I came to China in the meantime, I’ve not been idle. A blogger can’t do something if you don’t Cook, can’t live. 🙂 For the first two weeks we stayed in a room furnished like a hotel home. The kitchen has a microwave and there were there in January. And I made dinner, and cakes and bread in the microwave. I made toast on an electric stove with a Pyrex lid, then a separate thread :)) maybe in the future I’ll give you my recipe for both. I was going to wait for my stuff to come to normally begin to describe my page but I couldn’t resist and after being able to enter non-equipment, albeit with, I’m very tempted to do something. After all this babbling, my page re-opening I got to, right?

It was the most appropriate to describe the opening; a figure that has been on my mind since it was an attempt at Turkey. After flying here and release was kismet. Instead of looking at the limited material that I have and not keeping up with what is that I made cookies. For example, didn’t have powdered sugar on my hands, or I couldn’t find here, forced I had to put the sugar. I had a hand roll and I got him by using a glass. The goal was to reveal the shape, although it’s not really so bad following your own cookie or other cookie dough recipe you can make with you your pet. Using cocoa instead of food coloring, you can get a butterfly with too many colors.

Playing with dough and is very relaxing to me amuse. Hopefully by doing this I also discovered the pet in a different way, liking you do.

1 cup starch-I used corn
2 cups flour
150 GR. margarine at room temperature
Add 1 bag chopped walnuts
1 heaping cup powdered sugar
1,5 tablespoon of cocoa
1 egg
1 teaspoon of baking powder

All the ingredients to make the dough, the starch paste by adding equal amounts of flour and little by little the hand if the dough still sticks you can pick up. You made dough and divide the dough into two equal parts, adding cocoa to one by re-knead the dough and to ensure an equal distribution of cocoa.

Let dough rest in a bowl in the fridge for half an hour. Then, carefully open the dough, put the dough on top of each other and of the same size. Starting from one side, roll up dough. With the help of a sharp knife neatly trim the remaining edge of dough.

Then cut from the roll and keep in your freezer or freezer when you have at least half an hour. (If not, we can’t properly cut), which bring in the dough maintain its shape after each other and gets together lightly to ensure good adhesion. Carefully slice the dough.

Sort your pieces and sliced them in the middle slightly with your fingers, tighten them on the counter. In this way, and they’ll be stick together and the dough shaped like a butterfly.

The antennas of the butterfly you can make the components slightly separated from each other by pulling more apparent. Lightly greased or wax paper spread out, sort them in the tray, pre-heated in the oven and cook until the tops turns pink in the stream 165.

Bon Appetit!

Note: many people who tried the recipe the dough on a flop of comments I got, here I use turkey, I think it doesn’t fit with the standards of the glass and other materials. I have yet to come with the limited material that I can measure my stuff, but. For that reason, these cookies following the “Frog Cookies” recipe I would recommend doing with the dough. My apologies for this confusion, I’m sure it’ll be fine when your own glass, and other materials my reach. 😉

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