ice cream cones in “cheese cake pops” – ..

One of the popular flavors of the last period Cakepops, I made my favorite cheesecake with cheesecake pops. Now, regular readers blog familiar with our meetings, this is a new flavor for last year’s “welcome summer” party. Our party was in accordance with the type of ice cream concept, the visuals, our polka-dot patterned was. I was brought the two together in this recipe. Polka dot images with the image, the ear was adapted to the concept of a presentation of ice cream with cheesecake, the taste was extra delicious.

The recipe is quite easy, favorite and I’ve always done my classic cheesecake recipe lemon cheesecake this time, I cooked as a coward. (Linkde, including a description of the measure of preparing pop with cheesecake 30.) When the process is finished soaking in the fridge, I prepared the base material. So, oatmeal biscuits and butter mixture I made. As you can see in the last collage, I made these little balls. These balls keep well in the freezer for half an hour and I had to get tough with them. Then rested in the fridge the cheesecake balls by breaking off pieces from which new balls around the size of a walnut biscuit I made. (In order to make this process easier, the materials it’s supposed to be cold, it makes your hand soft cheesecake and it’s getting harder with the heat of the process.) I prepared thoroughly and put the balls back in the freezer, I made the integration. (This process before you can make like me and keep it in the freezer)

When it came time to serve, I took the balls out of the freezer. Placed it on the ice cream cones. Them Cream 100ml, 100 g chocolate with White Chocolate Drops and finally I pulled the garage that I made with the polka-dot I completed the image. Bon Appetit…

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