How should nail polish be chosen according to your horoscope?


2020 will be all about deep, satisfying and sexy experiences for Aries zodiac signs. That’s why red symbolizing sex, passion and power will be your color throughout the year.


Wedding bells for Taurus signs may ring this year. That’s why natural or pale pinks will be your color. If you want to move these pale colors a little, we recommend you to take a look at the sparkly manicure trends.


This year will be very busy for Gemini. Especially their work and to-do lists can distract them a lot. In this busy calendar, gray tones will be their color.


2020 for Cancer will be all about love and passion. This year, they will be intense not only in terms of relationships but also in terms of doing the work they are passionately attached to.


Everything related to home and family will be at the center of Lions this year. Maybe there may be a request to move or a new decoration. The sparkle will trigger their creativity.


In 2020, where very busy runners about family members are waiting; Virgo signs will be inspired by earth tones with elements.


This year it’s all about money for you, dear Libra. While paying attention to your expenses, you need to make good use of the opportunities you encounter.


Scorpio signs will reinvent themselves this year. They need a color that represents a new approach and bold moves. Bright nail polishes meet this need.


The bows are waiting for a calm and happy year. For this reason, soothing warm tones that will reinforce their calmness will not be missing from your nails.


The sparkle they need in their lives is back this year. They should also make their choices in nail polish.


This year, which needs to work very hard; They will maintain their influence in meeting rooms with dark blue.


Fuchsia, one of the most beautiful shades of pink, suits a 2020 full of love for fish.



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