Hot sauce with hot peppers and tomatoes

Hot Pepper Tomato Sauce

I republish the production of hot sauce with hot peppers and tomatoes. Thank you all my friends and friends showed great interest. I gathered all the ingredients of this sauce I made from my garden. But this year there was a lot of fruit in my garden but I couldn’t get more products from my vegetables.

First we peel the peel of the tomatoes
We chopped the tomatoes a bit to shoot in the robot
We pulled on the robata and cut it into pieces.
A glass of genuine olive oil. The olive oil made by the little ones of olives collected from the olive trees grown in Bursa Orhangazi and sent to everybody. I drink a teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach.


In a large saucepan, we first put a tea glass of olive oil and then tomatoes drawn into the robot.
We cleaned the parsley
We peeled a large head of garlic and took it out of its shells.
We passed them all from the robot. We could cut them very thinly but it was easier to pass them through the robot.
Let’s put the parsley and garlic drawn from the robot in a large pot over the tomatoes. Let’s put 2 tablespoons of thick salt (kayatuzu), 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar from our own garden and put the pot on the fire. In fact, we were doing this on the fire we burned in our garden, but today the weather is very windy and closed rain can come.
When the tomato, parsley and garlic sauce starts to boil, let’s put our washed peppers cleaned from the stems in the pot. Let’s mix it all together for about 15-20 minutes.
We’ve pre-warm hot fill jar tightly close the mouth jars reverse it.
Let’s flip the jars with the lid closed on a cover. And let’s wrap around. Let’s not touch it until the jars cool (about one day). The process is complete when the lids sink in when cooled. Let’s take it to the pantry to eat in the winter.

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